Mark went out today and came back with new table tennis equipment and a bottle of rum. As you can see below, Flappie cannot believe it!
We recently submitted artwork for the International Red Bull Collective Art project. The guys kindly dropped off a little thank you gift at the studio. Now all we need is the vodka!
What could be better than a bowl of soup on a rainy winters day in Cape Town?
Chantal cooked up a lovely Pea and Smoked Pork Neck soup on the hob in our studio kitchen.

What could be better than a bowl of soup on a rainy winters day in Cape Town?

Chantal cooked up a lovely Pea and Smoked Pork Neck soup on the hob in our studio kitchen.


When we were briefed by Zhané Warren, from Warren Editions, to redesign the CI for her  business, we were thrilled to get involved as the whole printmaking process is dear to our hearts.

 Collaboration has always played an important role at Warren Editions, the artist and the printmaker working together in equal part to produce the work.

 Our aim with the logo was to highlight this relationship.  The letters “W” and “E” fused into one entity.  The overall tone of the design is clean and simple, maintaining the focus on each artist’s work.

 After five exciting years of printing and publishing fine art prints, Cape Town based intaglio printmaking studio Warren Editions is launching its own project space: Warren Editions Projects. The space, which will act as a platform for studio print collaborations, opens with the exhibition 5 Years in Print 2008-2012.

 As a journey in print the show tracks something of the studio’s evolution, from its inception in January 2008 and it’s first artist collaboration with Hentie van der Merwe, to its most recent interactions with artists like Christian Nerf and Marlise Keith. With artists having engaged with monotype, etching and picture books, the exhibition includes works by: Am I Collective, Sanell Aggenbach, Hanneke Benadé, Tom Cullberg, Jean de Wet, Georgina Gratrix, Liza Grobler, Ruan Hoffmann, Anton Kannemeyer, Marlise Keith, Jordan Metcalf, Brett Murray, Christian Nerf, Julia Rosa Clark, Michael Taylor, Elise Wessels, Hentie van der Merwe and Ina van Zyl

 The exhibition opened on Saturday the 16th March at 11:00, and runs until the 11th May.

 Walk About on 26 March at 11:00

 Hours: Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 17:30 & Saturday 10:00 to 14:00

 Third floor | 62 Roeland Street | Cape Town

We recently went down to the opening of Jordan Metcalf and Daniel Ting Chong’s latest exhibition titled  Heart of Gold.

If you’re in Kloof Street pop in to the Salon 91 gallery to have a look. The show runs until the 20th of April.

Tanked Exhibition 2012/12/13

Tanked: 13th December 2012

An exhibition of Petrol Tank Illustrations. 

Ruan, creative director at Am I Collective, is an enthusiast of cafe races, and as a collective the team thought that the tank of a bike would make an exceptionally stirring canvas, fitting in well with the Am I Collective (wild child) aesthetic.

The event was held at Fury Custom Bike Shop, no.3 Beach Rd Woodstock, Cape Town. Sixteen tanks in total were designed and illustrated by our team whom delivered a truly wide variety of concepts and executions!  From hard metal thrash to a fishtank tank, imaginations were set alight!

We received quite the turnout from nerdy geeks to tattooed freaks. Bikes were brought and drinks were had! There was even some good old fashioned father/son bonding as young and old could relate and be captured by vintage bike collections and awesome artwork.

Owners, Jannes from Shy the Sun and our own Ruan, sped up and down the street on their custom made bikes, adding some definitive flavour to the evening!

We would especially like to thank Rikus Ferreira, Merwe Merchant and Clement de Bruin. We would also like to thank everyone that attended the event and of course all the parties that made this night possible.

Could any more good come from this event? Why yes! We welcome Jean to our team, who started as an intern and based on his excellent job with the tank he has been offered a year contract on the Am I Collective team! 

Keep your eyes peeled, as the exhibition will be moved early in the New Year to Truth Coffee, turning their steam punk theme up a few notches! This is just below our brand spanking new office in Buitenkant Street! 

The Behance Portfolio Review Lowdown (Feedback Required)

Our second Behance Portfolio Review was a resounding success. There were more guests than RSVPs received, which by Cape Town standards is so unheard of it’s unheard of.

The evening offered a perfect mix of good company, tasty food, artisan beer on tap, and of course an awesome line-up of talented speakers.

Feedback Please!

We had a really good time, but it’s even more important that you all did too. We’d love to hear from you. What did you enjoy? Where could we have improved? Email Saskia with your comments.

Say What?

Ree Treweek showed us some amazingly intricate characters. She shared their stories and explained how she goes from conceptualizing to traveling the world in search of sculptors to produce her imaginings.

Glenn Gillis and Munkey gave a live demonstration of augmented reality, which ran the gamut from corporate all the way through to gaming and retail applications. Interesting stuff.

Gerardo Muñoz, Am I Collective’s ‘foreign coffee’ intern, shared some incredibly detailed and colorful illustration work inspired by the Mexican culture and its people.

Christiaan Venter opened his personal sketchbook to us and revealed how his doodles evolve into full-blown illustrations. It was really fascinating to get a behind the scenes look at his work.

Jaco Haasbroek opened our minds by showing us how he breathes life into his designs and animations by applying lateral thought to the creative process. Too much of awesome.

That’s it! ;-)

Meet the Behance Review Speakers

As mentioned last week, we’re holding another Behance Portfolio Review on Tuesday, November 27th. You can read the previous post for the lowdown, but in a nutshell we had such a blast last time that we’ve decided to do it again.

We’re negotiating with a number of different of creatives in order to bring you a varied and entertaining evening of talks. A word of warning however, we’re shaking things up a little this time around by showcasing more than just illustrators. We’re even…er…looking at including some designers…

Below is the lineup so far. We’ll be adding more speakers as we confirm them.

Glenn Gillis – Sea Monster Entertainment

Glenn is the founder and Managing Director of Sea Monster Entertainment, an animation, gaming and app development business. Sea Monster’s primary focus is world-class 2D animation, particularly full-length TV series and films, as well as social games, apps and augmented reality. The latter is what Glenn will be chatting to us about. Should be interesting.

Ree Treweek - Sculptor (and much more besides)

Ree grew up believing that a giant snake lived beneath her bathtub. This snake would drink up all her soapy bathwater once she had pulled out the bath plug and if she didn’t jump out the tub quick enough it would swallow her too.

Ree owes a lot to this terrifying reptile as it gave her cause to believe that other worlds exist all around us, while at the same time remaining hidden from our eyes. 

Thus began the journey that would lead her into becoming the concept developer and character designer for the fantasy art collective called The Blackheart Gang.

The Gang’s main focus is its explorations into a realm best known as The Household. The Household is a universe existing just beneath the earth’s crust and is powered by human bathwater. The Gang has been delving into this realm for the past 6 years, documenting its stories and inhabitants through sculpture, short films, books and paintings.

When she’s not out with The Gang, Ree works as a commercials Art Director and Production Designer, specializing in animation.  Ree’s work for United Airlines and American McGee’s Alice game trailer as well as her character design for The Beatles Rock Band game have created quite a buzz. 

Give her one word and she’ll come up with a whole world of ideas and visuals instantaneously. Ree’s talk will be centred mainly around her sculpting.

Jaco Haasbroek - Designer & Illustrator

Jaco is a Cape Town-based illustrator and designer. He studied Fine Art at Stellenbosch University before moving to Cape Town in 2009.

After working as a Graphic Designer at an advertising agency for two and a half years he decided to go freelance. Jaco says he always knew that he wanted to be an artist. His great love is drawing with pencil on paper. According to him, nothing beats it. When he does venture into other mediums, he enjoys painting in acrylics.

Jaco is inspired by the work of other artists, typography, the spoken word, nature, books and magazines and everyday objects and activities. He loves observing things and people.

Jaco confesses that while it’s not easy being an artist, it is both challenging and rewarding and there’s nothing else he’d rather do.

“Art is something that requires creative thinking and execution. If you’ve found the thing you’re passionate about, work hard and things will fall into place.”

Jaco adds that he feels very privileged to be living in such a beautiful place, spending his days doing what he loves.

Gerardo Muñoz Atonal aka The Hobbit – Intern at Am I Collective 

Originally from Tlaxcala, Mexico, Gerardo is influenced by, and finds his inspiration in, the places he visits, the people he knows, his family, his traditions, his roots and the things he loves. His motto in life is to enjoy the journey.

Christiaan Venter - Motion Designer, Animator and Commercial Director

A Cape Town-based Motion Designer, Animator and Commercial Director, Christiaan’s work covers anything from live action to a mixed media approach to animation. Drawing is his passion however, he says he particularly enjoys doodling.

His thought process is abstract. Idea exploration usually starts on paper, before it develops into a desired animation direction.

Charles Maggs - Lecturer and Visual Artist

Charles Maggs is a Cape Town based lecturer and visual artist. He holds an MFA in New Media from the University of Cape Town (awarded with distinction) and is a senior lecturer in visual communication at the AAA School of Advertising. His works is predominantly in the field of new media - video, web and sound based - he has an equally strong passion for traditional media such as editorial design and typography.

Recent exhibitions showcasing his work include ‘Our Father’ at the AVA Gallery Cape Town (2012) and ‘Absent Heros’ Iziko South African National Gallery (2011) Charles has exhibited work locally, internationally and online. As well as in various private collections his work is held in The IZIKO South African National Gallery Permanent Collection.

RSVP: Meet-Up to let us know you’re coming and we’ll book your spot. 
DATE: Tuesday, 27 November
TIME: 18:00 for 18:30
PLACE: Truth Coffee Building, (next to Mavericks) 36 Buitenkant Street, District Six, Cape Town.