Featured Guest at The Illville Hotel: Vladimir Stankovic

Room 5d

Inspired by the idea that a hotel could arouse creative energy in its residents, we decided to follow in the footsteps of New York’s historic Chelsea Hotel by creating a virtual version of this classic.

Based on the theme of individually decorated rooms, the Illville Hotel serves as an online meeting place for illustrators to showcase their talents. Much like our previous projects, Bare and Doggy Style, artists are invited to submit their creative interpretations, in this case a virtual hotel room.

To date talented folk from over 25 different countries have committed to this fun idea. Our ‘guests’ are also able to link back to their portfolios through their room, which we’re hoping will help spread the word within the creative community.

We felt that by having a common theme we’d afford prospective clients the opportunity to view the work of a broad spectrum of artists, and at the same time assess their ability to interpret a brief.

The Illville Hotel is filling up fast and the rooms are wilder and more innovative than we ever imagined they’d be. Also, it turns out that asking an artist for their interpretation of a hotel room is more than a little voyeuristic. With this in mind, we’ve decided to feature the artists in a series of blog posts where we ask them five random questions and share more of their work.

Let us know what you think. ;-)

Vladimir Stankovic: Graphic Designer & Illustrator, Finland

There’s no doubting that your Illville Hotel room is beautifully executed. It does, however, have decidedly eery undertones. Is that just how you were feeling on the day or do we detect an innate fear of clowns beneath your cucumber cool facade?

My facade is anything but cool… Or you meant my Illville Hotel facade? Either way, yes there’s a bit of fear there, though it’s not of clowns or ghouls but fear of ordinary people. They are everywhere, you know?

It’s obvious, but we still have to ask, what drives you to doodle?

The urge of getting the images out from my mind I guess.

Aside from being promoted to manager of the Illville Hotel, where do you see yourself in five years? 

I see myself living with my girlfriend in a nice apartment, working on various inspiring projects and traveling to places like Machu Picchu or Easter Islands.

What is the best job you’ve ever worked on? Why?

To date the ’”best’’ project would be making a logo / mascot for a Finnish alternative band by the name of Ampikyy. Verna Svard, the singer and songwriter of the band, had this idea of making a half snake half  bee creature as their mascot, since Ampikyy already means bee-snake :), so I did an illustration of this scary but lovable monster with fur, scales, wings and a huge sting! It was so much fun working on the sketches and the final result was very nice as well.

Tell us about your ultimate dream job? Sky’s the limit here…what would constitute your “Sistine Chapel”?

I’d love to do illustrations for an encyclopedia about all sorts of alien life forms, animals, plants, fungi and everything in between! All the weird nerdy kids would love it! 

Ampikyy Mascot

It Won’t be Long (Below the Soil Floor)

Serpent Analysis

The Entomologist

The Fungus Kingdom

The Harvest

  • 18 June 2012